Only 8 more

The kids are in the kids club while I sat for a moment at the corner watching over them. Suddenly it dawn upon me that we don’t have many June holidays to be together anymore.  Let’s say at 16 years old, we will probably be so busy preparing for the O levels we won’t even be able to spend quality time together during the June school holidays! So how many more June holidays do we have together before our oldest, our 9 year old turns 16?! Only 8 more or even less? 8 more June breaks before he spends all his time studying with his friends or hanging out with his friends instead of us. 8 more June breaks of planning what to do with him, 8 more June breaks of building memories, only 8 more… Let’s not waste anymore June breaks… Just spend these precious moments, quality moments building a lifetime of memories. Happy June holidays!




An open letter to my Best Friend, Eve


Dearest Eve,

Growing up with you by my side has been one of the greatest blessings that I have ever received. From hanging out after school… to hanging out after work, I’ve never thought back then that our relationship would have grown and mature the way it is now.

I am proud to be known as your Best Friend, the one and first person that you will always want to call and tell, no matter how big or small the thing in your life might be. From school pals, to poly mates to university grads… From relationships that failed, to dating, to getting married and now mommies. Through everything, your never ask, you never waver, you never judge, you have stayed strong by my side and continue to stay by my side as we continue to grow up.

You have now grown to be part of my family and more of a sister than a Best Friend. Thanks for being you, and loving me for who I am. I am so proud of you now that you have become a Mom yourself! As Caleb’s godmom for the past 7years, I have seen how much unconditional love you have for him and I know you will be the greatest Mom you can ever be to your own one day.

I am so happy that Evans has arrived now. He is such a beautiful little angel and he is gonna bring you and Eric tons of love and joy. My dearest best friend, may the lord continues to watch over you and your family, to keep you safe and bless you with lots of love and warmth. Happy 1st month to my little godson, Evans! I love you, remember to be good to your mama and papa!

Love your bestie, Ophe





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