Things I need to buy for my Primary One child




After all that high from the primary one registration, everyone has finally gotten their child a place in a primary school! Congratulations, we all made it through the agony of our kid’s primary school registration… seriously it’s so easy to be swept up into the wave of anxiety.

So has it been all worthwhile for you? Those who have worried and prayed for their child to be in a good school? For everyone who have gotten their kids into their choiced schools- Congratulations. And those who have not, I believe that God has his plans and I am very sure that your child will enjoy and benefit just as much though the school you have gotten you kid in may not be your first choice. I really believe that the Singapore education system is very strong and that every school is a good school. Getting into a “branded” school may mean more opportunities or maybe a different crowd which you will hang out with but believe me, every school has its black sheep. I remember being bullied by “branded school students” before when I was in Secondary school!

Anyway, I was in a “neighborhood” school myself, but yet here I am, still standing tall in our society just because I have had a strong education from the government as well as loving, supportive family members and friends.

And of course friends whom I knew back in primary school and secondary are doing so well in their careers and personal lives! So fret not, just continue to be that supportive parent you are and I am very sure your child will do just fine!

Personally I know of many many dedicated teachers who are not teaching in a “branded” school and I hope my kids will be blessed enough to meet many of these passionate teachers in their lifetime.

Ok now we have gotten over the worrying, anxiety filled phase of registration, it’s now time to move forward, in getting them ready for primary school! I know my boy is ready but the mom and dad aren’t! They are just growing too fast… We want to hold them close in out hearts just like the first day we met them on their birth day as long as we can… oh well… time doesn’t freeze like that does it?

Anyways, some parents are worried about the soft skills our kids should have when they go into primary school. I am still feeling rather fine, I guess keeping the communication channel open between the child and yourself and get through a day at a time. (Applicable to parents whose first kid is going into primary school since everything is gonna be our FIRST!) We shall probably discuss more about this topic another time…

Recently I posted on my Facebook page that since I will most likely be going into confinement for the rest of December,  it’s time for me to get ready items Caleb will need for his first week of school. Physical items. I can actually leave the dad to buy the stuff and all but as a woman, I think I will quite enjoy the shopping (ok I must admit, most times Jason is better in that than me though, he was my first shopping mentor hahaha).

Anyway shopping, here we go!!! Here’s a list we have compiled from many contributers, my dear friends, of course many who have been there and done that! I am not endorsing any of the brands below, so I will just list them down and for some I have included links! :) and you do your own research yourself eh, different individuals will have their own individual opinions!

1. Textbooks
-List from school

2. School Bag (contributors: Emily, Lisa, Rachel, Steph, Nikki, Sylvia Ho, Ling, Saly)
-Top choices
A.Dr Kong:
E.Backjoy: Newly introduced!
F.Lego Ergonomic Bag

We got the Dr Kong school bag in the end, it seems to fit Caleb the best coz he is just soooo tiny!
3. School Shoes
Surprise it’s Adidas!!!
I kept thinking of BATA but apparently not as great as I thought… “Buy And Throw Away” Here are comments from mommies on their choice.

For school shoes, adidas seem to survive the playground the best. H went thru 3 pairs of various other brands in a term. – Mommy Nikki

Yes! I second adidas too. He went through a new pair every term till I got adidas. Get two pairs.- Mommy Lisa

Ya, vote for Adidas too! Lolz- Mommy Angelynn

I got Tory the Adidas one at World of Sports and it has lasted the whole year! -Mommy Steph


4. Pencil Case and what’s inside (contributors: Emily, Steph, Adeline, Zoie)

Try not to get expensive pencil case, high chance of missing pencil cases in school.

When possible, avoid the Smiggle flat pencil case which opens up, some schools have small tables and the Smiggle “file pencil cases” takes up the entire desk!

-A few pencils (The blue 2B Staedtler are highly recommended!)

-Staedtler or Pilot foam erasers, erasers the cleanest!

-A few color pencils (6 to 10 colors)

-A ruler

-A pair of scissors (If your school allows) and Glue, of course I personally like the yellow uhu sticks instead of wet glue which can be real messy!

TIP from a teacher: “I don’t like my pupils to be wasting time sharpening their pencils in class, so do let ur kiddo bring a few sharpened pencils.”

5. Water Bottle (contributors: June, Emily, Zoie)

-A good 300ml to 500mls bottle will be sufficient depending on your child’s water consumption habits. They can always refill it in school if its a 300mls water bottle but some parents do not like their child drinking from the water fountain. (water quality/ chilled, etc…)

And oh yah, pls buy water bottles where the spout/straw is covered. Don’t get the Nike/Adidas spout sucking kind with no cover. the kids drop their water bottles everywhere, it is pretty gross. -Mommy Zoie

6. Wallet (contributors: Ivy, Lisa, Kim)

-Wallet or a simple coin pouch

-Elastic hook to hook to belt loop. (For boys)

-$2 to $2.50 of pocket money

7. Hand Sanitizer, Wet Wipes, Tissues (contributors: Lisa, Adeline, Zoie)

-Some school toilets doesn’t seem to have soap! The Horrors!

8. Hair Accessories (For Girls) and Watch

School approved colours

9. Extra pair of undies (In case of accidents)

10. Lunchbox

-If you intend to let your child bring a snack or lunch to school

11.Essential Oils Pouch

-For those kids who are essential oil users, prepare a little pouch with 2 to 5mls oil for your child if they know how to use it (Purification for insect Bites, Valor or Lavender for bruises, etc.)


Photo courtesy of Mommy Steph.


12. Name Labels, Fabric Markers

-Label EVERYTHING, pencils, socks, shoes, clothes…

-I invested in a brother labeling machine from Challenger and totally love it! There are websites that print stickers which you can check out as well and here are some links:

Well seems like thats about all for now! Please feel free to share with those parents whose first born are going to Primary school next year (Those who are as clueless as me lol!) If you have anything to contribute, please do comment on this post and I will add them into the list! Thank you!