For the two big brothers!

My darling sons, yesterday as I took this picture of the two of you, I couldn’t help myself but stop breathing! image I was astonished at how much you boys have grown! You boys are one year apart and yet we always feel like the two come in a pair just like twins or maybe even closer than twins! Not only do you both compliment each other, you play very well together. Two of you are even up to some kind of conspiracy these days!

Just a few days ago I was looking at some old videos of you two when you were about 3 and 1. We were in Alabama all on our own as a family of 4. We didn’t have any family or many friends near us unlike here in Singapore. We also didn’t have many parties to attend, enrichment classes to rush to and fro, all the free time we had were for each other. Daddy and I enjoyed every moment we had with you boys, relishing every single of your milestones and how adoring cute you two are! Maybe, that’s the reason why I am suddenly so shocked when i came to a realisation of how far we have come along and how time has passed us without our knowledge!


Fast forward 4 years later, with the addition of your two younger siblings in our family, attention is even more divided. With school and enrichment classes, parties to attend, sometimes We all get caught up in the humdrum busyness of life that very often we forgot to stop and smell the flowers. I was actually pleasantly surprise you boys were all for having younger siblings when you already have each other!


I am very proud to say that both daddy and Mommy are very blessed, you two are every bit perfect-smart, funny, loving and kind, everything a parent could ever ask for. You are much wiser than many of your peers as you have to share your parents love, as well and shower your little brother and little sister with yours! I never fail to thank god everyday for sending you angels into our lives. I pray that he will bless you and keep you safe with all his love and grace. To guide you and teach you what you have to learn in this life. Daddy and I will always pray and hopefully influence you boys to turn to him for his love and guidance always.

I shall make a promise to take deeper breathes today, to hug you boys a little deeper and longer and to send you many many many kisses. To tell you boys every single moment how much we love you.

To you my dearest hubby, I love you too, I reckon I don’t say enough of that to you as well, but yes you know I do! Always do and always will! Muacks!