No more training wheels!

So I thought I was gonna just post this pic on Instagram but somehow my newly updated Instagram didn’t manage to screensave my captions while I went about to do my stuff- in fact, TWICE, i left my phone idling and when I went back to it, the post had disappeared and my newsfeed was refreshed. I guess it must meant that I should blog about it instead of just posting the picture with a caption on Instagram.


So here goes, this is our darling Caleb on his two wheels at 7years old 4 months alas much later than his mama! I was breezing on a two wheeler when I was about five years old! Haha, no thanks to high rise buildings, lack of space and busy busy lives in what seems to be the norm in our generation now. Jason and I kept wanting to teach him ourselves but   it wasn’t easy! We tried once but we lapsed in bringing them for more outdoor cycling so I thought it’s time to bring in “professional help”!

Boy, this professional teacher is really good! In a lesson or two, most of our friend’s children were able to ride independently on their two wheels bike, Caleb as well.

Truth be told, I taught myself to ride a two wheels bike. My training wheels were bent out of shape and I had no choice but to learn how to ride a two wheels bike or I couldn’t go ride with friends in my neighbourhood! But back in those days, I didn’t have enrichment classes every other day at 5 years old so I was able to go on my bike every chance I get and that’s how I was able to pick up the skill!

Anyways, the purpose of this post was actually to remind myself of the grin that was plastered on his face the moment he knew he was “graduating” from his riding lessons! It was amazing, I didn’t manage to take a picture of that moment, since it was the MOMENT but I have it etched in my memory, hopefully forever. It was a beautiful one, a joyful smile that was on his face. To know that he is able to ride on two wheels all on his own, the euphoria of knowing that you are able to do something which you never imagine you could do.

Life is fantastic this way, children-they never fail to remind you of how life and living is precious and how beautiful the world is. I pray that the lord will always open our hearts and minds to the wonder of his works. Amen.

Our dear baby boy, oh how you have grown. As parents we always hope that time can slow down but it never do, may we get to treasure every moment of you growing up as much as we can. Well done our boy! We love you more than you can ever imagine, to the moon and back!


In case any of you need Cycling lessons, both kids and adults (it’s never too late to learn!) Here’s a picture of Caleb and his coach Edmund and right behind them where the signboard is, its his contact number! :) Have fun!

Oh and there you see in this picture, his eyes filled with happiness, the joy of knowing he has achieved something!