June Holidays are coming! Excited or Uninspired?!

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June holidays are coming!!! Panic mode begins. What am I going to do with 4 kids at home the entire day??? Jason is going through some changes at work in June so a holiday out of the country is definitely out of the question. Major sobs…  Hopefully we will be able to make it for a year end holiday, it’s in discussion right now haha. Our Clangs need a holiday, well maybe not our Clangs but Mama Clang is definitely craving for one!

Back about June holidays, the main aim of  Our Clangs this June will be PLAY! Of course with some work in between play, like piano practice for example (only fellow crazy moms especially those in MYC will share my (苦) bitterness.

The main bulk of our holidays will probably be spent…


No. 1 Sleeping In- VERY important although I doubt they will sleep in much since their biological clock is quite a tune to waking up early in the morning. But to me, even an extra half an hour later than our usual school days will be a big treat! (That’s for mommies who used to require a minimum 12hours of sleep before we had our first child)

No. 2 Play dates- VERY VERY important, to be in touch with the real world. Both children and mommy need to keep in touch with our friends to keep our sanity!

No. 3 Classes or Courses-VERY VERY VERY important, the mama need to breathe right! What is even better, they are gonna learn a new skill or hopefully find something that they like, while we take a break from each other!!!

I realised that almost every school holiday in June or December, I do try to sign them up for something fun, or a skill to pick up, something that they don’t usually do during the school term other than our regular enrichments like Music or Chinese classes. We had Tennis, Golf lessons and Art sessions before. So this June holidays, we are gonna go for a coding class!!! What is coding class???! I don’t think many mommies will know right, or am I the only mountain tortoise around- I could be!

Read on! Here’s my story!

I was browsing around for some classes to sign the boys up for, when a good friend of Jason’s posted on FB that they have set up a coding school at Orchard Central. Not that I know much about coding but the first thing that came to my mind, was, it must be something to do with IT. I read on and when I saw the word minecraft, I immediately pull out from my long term memory that coding equates to computers and games! Duh! Seriously computer games are the LAST thing on my mind. What with all the articles about gaming addiction going around the Internet and all. Plus give my boys an iPad and they are happy to sit in front of a power socket with the ipad plug in for fear of the battery running low!

I don’t know what hit me to take a second look at the course, but I did, I was thinking to myself, hey, I’m sure my friends are not making money teaching their kids to play games right??! There must be something more to coding than playing games! IT IS!!!

Playing a game and coding a game is an entirely different ball game! Ok, seriously I am not an expert so don’t quote me! But this is what I think about it, when they go behind the game and learn about how it works, they are less likely to get addicted right, instead they will probably marvel at what’s going on behind the scenes and appreciate the mechanics of a game instead of it being yet another game which is only downloaded, just to entertain them. Clever mama right! Haha I am giving my boys a chance to be masters of technology! *giving myself a pat on my back*

“We must get our children in schools exposed to IT, exposed to programming.” – Lee Hsien Loong said in his speech during the Smart Nation launch. But seriously I don’t think our local schools are ready or they are equipped enough to train our kids for that yet. Maybe there will be, soon, more programs to be introduced to our children in the school syllabus but currently, creativity and adaptability is definitely lacking in our education system don’t you think?

Hey, you might be sad to hear that but it’s definitely the reality, software is the language of the world right now! I am not saying that we should all give our kids an ipad at the dining table or that each of us immerse in our own little gadget at meal times (parents included) but I think signing  the boys up for a coding class, it’s a gift! I am pretty sure that after the course they will not look at a game as just another downloaded game anymore!

If you would like to find out more about coding, go do a Google and it will come up with lots of good articles for you to read up on. You can also check out our friend’s coding school, the website is http://www.ripplecreate.com/ or call 9677 7088 for more info! Please do give a like on their Facebook page athttps://www.facebook.com/RippleCreate-1007228872704394/
The best news is (*drum rolls) our good folks at ripplecreate are happy to offer all friends of Our Clangs a sweet discount if you sign up for their June holiday programs!!! Now, shout hooray!  Just quote the promo code “CLANG50JUNE”, and $50 will be given off all their $499 camps! Note: Discount code cannot be used with any other promotions. Do remember to like their FB page before you use your discount code!

All geared up and excited to plan for your June holidays now?! Share with me what you have plan for your child this holidays and remember to “date” us out for play dates! Signing off now and back to my 4 little rascals! Wishing everyone a wonderful June holidays, rest well and have lots of fun and for those traveling, be safe(ps: I am Super envious!!!)!